NEW ISBE legislation regarding certified PD provider status

  • Review the attached documents received from ISBE/Dennis Williams
  • Email of June 25, 2014, announcing the newly refined documents for evaluating and documenting participation in professional development

    We suggest that you focus attention on proposed regulations (below) for Sections G-J, which have pertinence to our professional organizations; the other sections pertains to educators more specifically for the renewal process.

    And the only release on the draft regulations from Williams, dated July 31, 2014

  • The proposed legislation

  •, under Proposed Rules and Amendments, scrolling down to Proposed Amendments of Part 25, and review BOTH from the Summary of Action and Text of Rulemaking, scrolling down to SUBPART J: RENEWAL OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR LICENSES ENDORSED IN A TEACHING FIELD: Section 25.855 Approval of Professional Development Illinois Providers (approximately p. 73) through Section 25.865 Awarding of Credit for Activities with Providers (approximately p. 82)

  • FIRST Draft ISTA Perceptions for inclusion into Public Review submission
  • ISTA Draft Perceptions

  • We ask that our members consider for submission as professional educators to ISBE/JCAR.

  • ILCS, Section 21B-45 and now in the required Public Review period, which CLOSES AUGUST 25, 2014.

    As directed by ISBE: Public comment may be submitted on any item for which the deadline has not yet passed, either via e-mail (addressed to or via standard mail (addressed to Shelley Helton, Agency Rules Coordinator, ISBE, 100 North First Street - S-493, Springfield, Illinois 62777-0001).

    FYI: The official process of public review through ISBE and JCAR (Joint Commission on Administrative Rules) see and RulemakingProcess.pd.

    National Science Teachers Assocation National Confernce

    March 12-15, 2015 McCormick Place - Chicago, Illinois


    NSTA National Conference is coming to Chicago in March of 2015.

    Conference details will be posted here as NSTA makes them available or you can check out the NSTA website.

    Call for Presentations period is NOW OPEN and are due throught the NSTA website on April 16, 2014. Apply throught the NSTA website Conference Presentation Information.

    Next Generation Science Standards with Ed Leaders Network
    An Illinois Science Teachers Association and Illinois Principals Association partnership

    The Illinois Science Teachers Association and Illinois Principals Association formed a unique partnership to produce 3 new webinars focused around NGSS with Ed Leaders Network.

    Illinois teachers of science are featured in 5 to 25-minute sequence of webinars, along with linked resources for teachers and their administrators.  The webinars are the result of an excellent budding partnership with IPA and will allow an exceptional benefit to ISTA members as members-to-be in the Educators Leadership Network (a 10-state consortium of web-based resources.)

    NGSS and the Danielson, focuses expert attention to the four domains of the Danielson rubric.

    All Standards, All Students NGSS Appendix D and Case Studies, explains the implementation of NGSS in real classrooms through effective research-based instructional strategies that enable diverse student groups meet the NGSS.

    Preparing for the NGSS, focus on the hallmarks for classroom, building and district success for the awareness and implementation of NGSS, as well as the effective and natural integration of the 5-E model.